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The rapid development of pearlescent pigment has been more and more widely used in packaging, printing and publishing industry

The rapid development of pearlescent pigment has been more and more widely used in packaging, printing, publishing industry, from cosmetics, cigarette boxes, wine, gift packaging, to business cards, cards, calendars, book covers, and then to pictorial Printing, textile printing, pearl pigment is everywhere. Especially for the Pearl film used in food packaging, its market demand is increasing day by day, such as in ice cream, soft drinks, biscuits, candy, napkin packaging and other fields, the use of pearlescent film gives consumers a pleasant feeling.

Toner | chemical pigment | Dongguan toner | pigment | Dongguan chemical pigment - Dongguan CaiTian Chemical Co., Ltd. has a great demand for pearlescent pigment in various fields, but in terms of market promotion, pearlescent pigment still meets certain resistance.


Firstly, the production process of several kinds of pearlescent pigments (mica titanium series pearlescent pigments) on the market is very complex, and the requirements of process precision and equipment are high, which makes the manufacturing cost high, which limits the wide application of such pigments. For example, many paint factories and ink manufacturers have been very interested in this pigment, but in practical application, it is deterred because of its high price. Therefore, to reduce production costs and realize large-scale production is a key step to expand the market.


According to the analysis of relevant data, the percentage concentration (quality) of mica titanium pearlescent pigment in different printing methods is also different, and the content in screen printing is the lowest. The content of screen printing ink is 8% ~ 15%; gravure printing ink is 15% ~ 25%; flexographic printing ink is 15% ~ 25%; offset printing ink is 30%. Therefore, the use of screen printing will reduce production costs.


Color powder chemical industry chemical industry pigment color powder chemical pigment color powder, In a word, mica titanium pearlescent pigment is a kind of new concept optical color change pigment, which has broad development space. With the deepening of research, the production cost will be reduced continuously, which will create a broader road for the wide application of mica titanium pearlescent pigment in the near future, and create more convenience for users to choose products and use.


Second, the application research of pearlescent pigment is still in a very weak link. At present, the research and development of application technology of pearlescent pigment in coatings, plastics, printing ink, artificial leather, building materials, cosmetics, paper, packaging materials, textile printing and dyeing is still in its infancy The application and promotion of pearlescent pigment are restricted by the lagging technology, low technical level and poor decoration effect. Many products that could have been decorated with this pigment to enhance the added value of the products lost excellent competitive opportunities. But the pursuit of pearlescent pigment has never stopped, because people clearly understand a truth: a breakthrough in application technology will often promote the upgrading of products in an industry, and will bring immeasurable economic benefits to an industry.


Third, the production process of pearlescent pigment seems simple, but the actual production technology is complex, involving many disciplines. In order to keep the trade secret, many companies have never published their annual sales performance. Compared with some industrial developed countries, the research, production and application of mica titanium pearlescent pigment in China are still in the primary stage of development. No matter the product quality, varieties and application technology are at a lower level, many key technical problems have not made breakthrough progress, so that the products of German and Japanese pigment companies are still in the dominant position.