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HJ 30AL Completely biodegradable materials

Material properties:

Application fields: packaging bags and film products in food, express delivery, cosmetics, medical supplies and other fields

Processing method: blowing film molding, injection molding

RoHS compliance: meet ROHS requirements

Color: general color, custom color

Material shape: columnar granular material / thin film

Material label: starch + PBAT

Product Intro

Product features


Product Description: hj 30al is one of the most active degradation materials in the research of biodegradable plastics and the best application in the market. It has good thermal stability, mechanical properties, and excellent biodegradability. It can be widely used in disposable daily necessities, packaging materials, agricultural film and other fields. It is an important way to solve the "white pollution" of plastics.


Key features:


100% biodegradation

It can be composted at home

Food contact

Light caramel flavor


This material has good tensile strength and tear resistance at the same time, which can replace the existing non degradable materials.


Test item                                                          Test value                       Reference standard

Tensile strength (longitudinal / transverse)          21.98/13.87mpa             ISO 527

Elongation at break (longitudinal / transverse)     379.5/536.7%                ISO 527

Tear strength (longitudinal / transverse)              797.9/1635mn               DIN EN ISO 6383-2

Drop dart impact                                               245.2 g                          ASTM D 1709-04


Processing performance

Extrusion reference temperature: 130 ℃ in the first zone of the barrel, 135 in the second zone of the barrel, 135 in the third zone of the barrel, 130 in the fourth zone of the barrel, 180 ℃ for the processing temperature.