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On April 25, huawancai was invited to participate in the international exhibition of plastic propolis industry

On April 25, 2016, the 30th China International Plastic propolis industry exhibition was successfully concluded in Shanghai New International Expo Center! If invited to participate in the exhibition, huawancai Industrial Co., Ltd. demonstrated one-stop manufacturing solutions for high-performance modified engineering plastics, toner, color masterbatch and additives, consolidated the existing cooperative relationship, and explored a large number of potential customers, laying a foundation for market development.


The exhibition lineup is unprecedented, showing the vigorous development momentum of chemical industry. While the development of chemical industry is gratifying, the market competition is extremely fierce, and many new brands are quietly rising. How to use information technology to improve the chain management and marketing skills, to occupy the initiative and gain advantages in the market competition filled with smoke, is a problem that every chemical industry enterprise must think deeply.


Huawancai has insight into the current situation of domestic chemical raw material market, taking this professional platform to show the domestic leading technical solutions to the whole country and even the world. At the exhibition, the staff gathered practical wisdom to explain the application of informatization, which inspired enterprises to overcome their own management bottlenecks and achieve faster development.

For chemical raw material enterprises, product quality is the carrier of brand image. Super high quality combined with high quality after-sales service can bring more rapid development for enterprises. This exhibition huawancai exhibition excellent masterbatch, engineering plastic raw materials. Mainly for intelligent toilet cover, packaging materials, heat shrinkable sleeve, high performance wire, UAV and other products. It has gained the strong interest and wide attention of the exhibitors.

During the 3-day exhibition, huawancai exhibition stand attracted numerous exhibitors, and the staff always communicated with the exhibitors with full enthusiasm and patience. The characteristics and advantages of the exhibits were displayed incisively and vividly under the wonderful speeches and demonstrations by the staff of Wancai. After the professional audience and exhibitors had a certain understanding of the products, they showed strong cooperation Intention.


In today's information industry, grasping the demand is to grasp the tomorrow. With a more mature and professional attitude, huawancai will provide professional and efficient information solutions for the chemical raw material industry and contribute to the prosperity and development of the chemical raw material industry. The curtain has come to a successful conclusion!