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Bathroom experience

Bathroom not only brings "experience", but also high technology. Universal design trends increase comfort, convenience and safety. But that doesn't mean your bathroom has to look institutionalized. Here are some general design innovations that can help (and fashion) participate in the 2012 bathroom remodeling program:   The stylish, low profile linear drain is ideal for creating a safe, zero threshold shower design. Unlike the standard round drain covers that are usually installed near the front of the shower, these long, straight drains can be installed in different locations to minimize the gradient of the shower floor. A popular location is on the outside edge of the shower to create a Wheelchair Friendly containment shower. More products, more products - including almost invisible tiles - channel models, mainly covered by shower tiles - are becoming the standard for high-end spaces. You will spend 500 to 900 RMB to optimize the linear drainage.   The fast expanding selection of porcelain, glass and tiles makes it easy to find non slip, low maintenance flooring, and don't be stingy in style. Artificial wood, linen and a unique textured look are expected to be seen in 2012, with tiled bathroom floors and walls. Texture adds visual impact and better traction.   Barrier free bathtubs are no longer limited to the high walls and narrow doors that dominated the market in the past decade. The newer model, with a raised panel at the front, makes the appearance of more traditional bathtubs easier to get in and out. Others use standard hinged sealed doors, but increase the door width by a few inches for better accessibility and appearance.

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